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Let Us Mourn with Action

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. Madam Speaker, you will hear many voices being raised in the backdrop of an unspeakable tragedy from which, even as Members think of it, they cry.

Just a few minutes ago, there was a press conference in which there was probably not a dry eye in that room as Members gave tribute to those lives lost and to those being buried today, and as they spoke of their own anguish, their lost children, and of the loss of their fellow staff members in a gun incident.

So I rise today to say that we must act and can act and can pass legislation even this week. I join with Senator Feinstein's effort and Congressman Perlmutter's and Congresswoman McCarthy's and that of many others with legislation. I join with the legislation of H.R. 277, that talks about protecting our children, which was introduced by myself. I join with the statement by the Progressive Caucus that speaks about this ammunition, these guns, and mental health. I also join with Dick's Sporting Goods store.

I will just personally say to those who are listening: maybe you'll want to turn in your guns. Oh, no. I am not going to take your guns, but look at what Dick's Sporting Goods did in the moment they wanted to be part of the solution and a part of America. Let us mourn with action.

God bless those who have lost their lives.

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