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Let's Work Together

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. I thank the Speaker this afternoon, and I am grateful for the words, the prayer that was offered about light, both of inspiration and collaboration.

I think there are bipartisan voices crying out for an acceptance of a tax cut on 98 percent of the American people. That is why the President went to Michigan, to speak to working men and women, to be able to reaffirm their voices that were spoken so loudly on November 6. Let us have a tax cut that will impact 98 percent of the American people and businesses. And let us collaboratively work together for the steps going forward.

But let me be very clear. Having spoken to physicians yesterday in meetings in hospitals, you cannot raise the eligibility rate of Medicare recipients. It just will not work. You cannot judge a person's physical condition between 65 and 67. That is not the way to balance the budget and reduce the deficit. We know that entitlements, Social Security, is not the issue. Pass the tax cuts on 98 percent, Mr. Speaker, and work collaboratively in 2013 to find a pathway forward to make this economy the growing economy that it has begun to be. I ask my colleagues, let's work together.

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