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Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. Speaking in the instance of deliberations, redundancy is sometimes good. So I join my colleagues in again placing the defining word ``nonstarter'' on any idea to raise the eligibility age for Medicare for hardworking seniors, but hardworking Americans.

Let me clarify that Medicare is earned; it is not a handout. The word that we use as ``entitlement'' sometimes now has become on the order of what ObamaCare used to be. An entitlement is entitled because of earning it, and that goes to Social Security--which is solvent until 2037--and even Medicaid for seniors who are in nursing homes who have worked.

So if we move that aside to look long term at how we begin to look at entitlements, we're open-minded. But the bottom line is let's pass the middle class tax cuts that are for 100 percent of Americans. Let's join Senator Tom Coburn: I'm for raising revenue because we have to; or Senator Corker: There's a growing body of folks who are willing to look at the rate on the top 2 percent; or Kay Granger: Extending middle class tax cuts is just the right thing to do.

Mr. Speaker, let's get busy in a bipartisan way.

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