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The United States Economy and Jobs

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown


Mr. HALL. I thank the gentleman--and you are a gentleman. You are my friend and I appreciate you.

I just think we need to get together and remember the most important part of all of us is our children and our children's futures. That's why we all get together, and that's the reason for us to change some of the positions we've taken in the past--to try to work something out that the American people expect us to.

You're a gentleman to offer me that. Maybe I've used part of that 5 minutes. Thank you very much.


Mr. HALL. My mother always told me to be silent and be thought a fool rather than to open my mouth and remove all doubt. So I don't want to get to talking too much. It's been too good tonight. All these people have said things, and I care for them. I care for this institution. I care for the people on both sides of this aisle. I'm honored to get to be a part of this.
Thank you. God bless this country.


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