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Balancing the Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Mr. DesJARLAIS. Mr. Speaker, it seems there are those who still fail to realize that we cannot continue down this road of fiscal insanity. It isn't politics; it's math. Our spending is simply unsustainable, yet we have not seen a serious proposal from the White House to address our trillion-dollar deficits.

The President thinks the answer is more taxes. But while the tax increases President Obama is calling for would hurt small businesses, they would have little effect in reducing our deficits. That is because our debt is being driven by spending, plain and simple. Therefore, to solve our problem, we must implement serious spending cuts and reforms.

The good news is this isn't hard to do; we just have to look at the amount of revenue coming in and not spend more than that. Rather than spending more than we can afford, we must prioritize our spending. Hundreds of millions of Americans do this every day. If my constituents in Tennessee can balance their budgets, so can Washington.

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