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THE BUDGET: Jack believes that spending in America has gotten out of control. It is immoral for government to continue to incur debt and pass it on to our children. Concerned that the spending problems at the national level have trickled down to Iowa, Jack is dedicated to balancing the state budget. As a business owner, Jack believes that a balanced budget means "money in" equals "money out". He will oppose legislation that uses gimmicks or one time "stimulus" dollars to balance the budget.

TAXES: Jack believes that the government is not the answer to our problems. Lower taxes will allow the private sector to stimulate the economy. It is wrong for government to think they are the ones who can stimulate the economy.

AGRICULTURE: Jack understands that agriculture remains the backbone of Iowa's economy and will work to not only promote Iowa's agricultural interests, but protect farmers from overzealous regulation and increased taxation.

EDUCATION: As a young father and product of Iowa's public schools, Jack knows that Iowa must prepare its children to compete in a global economy. Jack is dedicated to making sure that Iowa's schools are the best in the nation, which means a greater focus on student achievement and rewarding quality teachers.

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