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American Energy Manufacturing Technical Corrections Act

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown


Mr. ROE of Tennessee. I thank the chairman for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 6582. This legislation would establish a uniform energy-efficiency descriptor for all water heaters, walk-in freezers, and walk-in coolers. The legislation also improves the testing methods that determine whether or not these products are energy efficient, which will provide certainty for the manufacturers of these products.

The importance in my district, in my hometown, is one of our largest manufacturers there is A.O. Smith, which makes up to 8,000 water heaters a day. This is a real jobs issue in my hometown. These jobs have good retirement plans and health insurance. Their competitors are both in Canada and Mexico. And certainly we need to do anything we can to help support these local manufacturers.

This bill will make it easier for consumers to compare the energy efficiency of products and eliminate confusion that stems from having more than one type of label. The decision to invest in a large-scale appliance of this nature is a big one, and during these tough economic times, consumers deserve information that's easily understood so that they can make well-informed decisions. It's also helpful for manufacturers to have clear guidelines for how products will be judged for energy efficiency. And this is why--just to simplify what's going on to make it easier for our manufacturers.

And let me tell you, I've walked through A.O. Smith's plant. I've been through it. It's absolutely incredible to see a piece of sheet metal, to see our manufacturers take a piece of metal and produce 8,000 water heaters in a single day for consumption in the United States. I have one in my home. That's what I use. And I proudly have one in my apartment here in Washington, D.C.

I would encourage support of this measure.


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