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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. DAVIS of California. The once inconceivable now seems to be becoming the inevitable. On Friday, the sequester, a plan designed to never be implemented, will be triggered. And now the question among the papers and pundits is exactly how bad sequester will turn out to be. My question is: Why aren't we debating how to stop it? Why are we not working together on a balanced fiscal plan? We all know it's not the right thing to do. We all know it's not the smart thing to do.

My constituents in San Diego and everyone outside of D.C. knows that it's harmful. San Diegan air traffic controllers, our Border Patrol officers, and civilian defense personnel put on leave, making us less safe and less efficient? San Diegan senior citizens, many who have served our country, sent messages stating that they will not be able to receive the meals they depend on.

San Diego teachers furloughed, disrupting our children's education? Blindly taking an ax to our budget is not a solution, it's a problem.

With that, I ask unanimous consent to bring up H.R. 699, a balanced bill to replace the sequester with spending cuts and revenues.

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