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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PETERS of California. Mr. Speaker, the sequester is scheduled to go into effect in less than 24 hours, and I stand today to call out a particularly objectionable concept that this is not taking effect today, that this is going to somehow not affect people today, it's going to roll out over time; and that's just not the case. Because if you're a family who is facing layoffs or furloughs; or if you're an admiral or a general who is trying to figure out how to defend the country and you've got to be spending your time worrying about what jobs you're going to stop and who you're going to lay off; or if you're that scientist, that budding scientist, who is thinking about where are you going to do your science, whether it's here in a country that invests in science or abroad, someplace where it looks like you will get better opportunity, those impacts are happening today.

And that's why, today, we should not adjourn. We should be staying here, working on the sequester, avoiding these cuts. Let's stay at work and get this problem solved.

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