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Senator Cowan's Statement On The State Of The Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

Senator William "Mo" Cowan (D-Mass.) tonight released a statement following President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address:?

"Tonight President Obama spoke to the American people about principles that we can all agree on. He spoke of a "basic bargain,' the idea that if you work hard and have the opportunity to make a decent living for your family, you'll do just fine. And, the American people expect their leaders in Washington to honor that bargain.

"The President's framework for sustained growth will help middle-class families get ahead. But, just like any family knows, our nation needs a budget that spends responsibly and invests wisely. We've already cut the deficit by $2.5 trillion, but we have more work to do. Reducing unnecessary spending and cleaning up our tax code is exactly the type of balanced approach to fiscal policy that the people of Massachusetts have been calling for. At the same time, we must not shortchange our investments in education, infrastructure and innovation because these investments are the key to long-term growth and opportunity.

"The state of this union is strong, especially when we remember that the middle-class is central to each and every one of our efforts."

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