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Pearce Statement on State of the Union


Location: Roswell, NM

Tonight, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce released the following remarks on the President's State of the Union Address:

"The President focused heavily tonight on our economy, and the need for policies that will allow our middle class to prosper," said Pearce. "I sincerely hope that his actions will match his words in the months ahead: Americans are desperately in need of a government that will allow the freedom, innovation, and opportunity the President spoke of. I agree with the President's proposal that we must "attract more jobs to our shores.'

"I spent the evening in New Mexico, with the very Americans the president spoke of: Americans who have invested, who have worked hard, and who have taken initiative. But tonight, these Americans had to come together to make sure that the federal government does not take away their jobs. I insist tonight that the President puts his words into practice, and allows these Americans to prosper, instead of struggling under the weight of more new taxes, more debt, and more inflation.

"The President spoke of putting America's needs before party," Pearce continued. "This is a time when Americans are asking for solutions. The nation is founded on diverse ideas and different parties--the House, Senate, and President are elected to determine together the course of the country. The same people who elected the President also elected the Republicans to the House of Representatives. Tonight, I call on the President to address the needs we can all agree on: jobs, debt, and freedom to prosper. These are not questions of party or ideology, but of America's future. People are tired of political posturing and political deals. They want solutions: solutions to the debt and deficit, solutions to the inflation that comes from the Federal Reserve's printing of money, solutions to our continued joblessness."

Rep. Pearce tonight joined hundreds of constituents at a public hearing on the listing of the lesser prairie chicken under the Endangered Species Act. The hearing was scheduled by the Obama Administration for the same evening as the State of the Union. Rep. Pearce closely followed the President's remarks from Roswell.

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