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Leader Cantor: We Remain Committed To Trying To Resolve Problems


Location: Unknown

"Good morning. As the Speaker said, we're going to bring to the floor this week a continuing resolution to avoid the government shutdown and to promote some type of economic certainty, and at the same time, try and reduce the level of spending here in Washington...I think clearly from the evidence of the Gallup poll that was out lately about the President's approval rating, people are tired of the political games in this town and they want to see some resolution of some problems."

"We remain committed to trying to focus on resolving problems. We remain committed to trying to help those who are unemployed. We are going to be bringing up the SKILLS Act next week, that is a bill that I think both sides can come together on to provide some assistance for those who don't have the right kind of training or skills so they can access the unfilled jobs that are out there in many of the industry sectors."

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