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Rep. Negrete McLeod on Sequestration: Children Deserve Better from Congress

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-Chino) delivered an important floor speech illustrating the devastating impact that automatic spending cuts, also known as Sequestration scheduled to begin Friday, will have on children in California.

"These cuts will hurt small businesses, the military, seniors, and our children," said Rep. Negrete McLeod. "In California, it is estimated that more than 15,000 children will not receive vaccines for diseases such as the measles, whooping cough and influenza -- all because of these automatic trigger cuts. This is unacceptable."

The Obama Administration earlier this week highlighted the harmful effects that California will face due to Sequestration this year alone. The administration's report stated that $1.1 million would be cut to California's federally funded public health agencies that provide vaccinations for children. The report further explained that education funding for children with disabilities in California would also be cut by $62.9 million affecting approximately 760 teachers, aides, and classified school employees. In addition, federally funded programs such as Head Start and Early Head Start, which provide comprehensive, early childhood education for low-income families, would also be hurt by the Sequester.

"Special education services for children with disabilities will see cuts, while over 8,200 low-income children in California will not receive critical early education from Head Start. Children deserve better from their members of Congress. That is why we need a balanced approach to replace Sequestration which includes revenues and spending cuts, thereby ensuring the most vulnerable are not burdened. I therefore ask unanimous consent to bring up HR 699 to provide balanced deficit reduction."

HR 699, Stop the Sequester Job Loss Now Act, is the House Democratic proposal that would replace the Sequester through the end of Calendar Year 2013. The balanced plan, consistent with the Senate proposal, contains $120 billion in deficit reduction and averts the sequester through the calendar year. It includes the Buffett Rule to reduce the deficit without hitting working families and cuts unnecessary subsidies. When combined with the Budget Control Act and other measures, it brings a responsible deficit reduction ratio to two-thirds spending cuts and one-third revenue increases.

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