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Terry Votes in Favor of VAWA


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Lee Terry (R-NE) made the following statement after twice voting in favor of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA):

"I've been a strong supporter of VAWA and recently signed a letter to leadership to bring its reauthorization to the floor.

"Both versions of VAWA I voted for today send the message that we will do everything we can to stem the epidemic of violence against women and their children. I've seen first hand how these programs can help women who are and have been victims of domestic abuse, stalking, dating violence and sexual assault.

"Today's vote will make federal funds available to local law enforcement agencies which will allow us to provide safe harbors for victims and prosecute their violent offenders."

Tomorrow, Representative Terry will be meeting with staff and serving lunch at the Lydia House in Omaha. The Lydia House provides immediate assistance to women and families in need.

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