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Congressman Pittenger Reacts to President Obama's News Conference


Location: Charlotte, NC

Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) had these comments following President Obama's news conference:

"Over the past month, President Obama traveled 5226 miles campaigning against the sequester, without ever traveling the 1.7 miles over to Capitol Hill to engage in negotiations to replace the sequester. Today, he had the audacity to blame Congress for the sequester he initiated, completely ignoring the fact he has refused to sit down and seek common ground.

Our Nation needs true leadership, not a Campaigner-in-Chief. Bully tactics might work in Chicago politics, but in Washington we need a leader who is engaged with the process.

As a freshman, I've already worked hard to build a bi-partisan coalition of freshmen members, known as "United Solutions', of which I serve as Co-Chair, seeking reasonable solutions to our Nation's fiscal problems. We are working together to move our Nation forward, and I invite the President to leave the campaign trail and join us"

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