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Congressman Pittenger's Comments on Sequester


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) hadn't yet been elected when President Obama first proposed the sequester and can't understand why the President hasn't taken action to fix the problems caused by his own plan.

"Congressional Republicans have passed two plans to replace President Obama's sequester with responsible spending cuts and reforms," explained Congressman Pittenger. "Unfortunately, Senate Democrats never even considered those bills.

"In addition, House Republican leadership has stated that the President should have sole discretion in identifying the defense cuts, as Commander in Chief, in lieu of the sequester. Our nation's security demands that President Obama cease the political gamesmanship and be engaged to resolve the sequester, which he initiated. The time for campaigning is over. We were elected to lead, not grandstand."

Congressman Pittenger is co-chair of "United Solutions," a new bipartisan caucus committed to developing sustainable solutions to our Nation's fiscal problems, including Social Security and Medicare reform, tax reform, and streamlining government. For more information, visit

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