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Congressman Bera Comments on State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ami Bera made the following statement following President Obama's State of the Union address to Congress:

"I'm glad the President laid out a plan to restore an economy that works for middle class families by investing in infrastructure, innovation, and education during tonight's speech. America is at its strongest when we have a strong middle class, and growing jobs and the economy for the middle class should be our number one priority in Congress. We can do this by investing in our infrastructure. In Sacramento, this means we need to rebuild our levees and finish the Folsom Dam Project. That will not only create jobs, it will stimulate our economy, and keep our community safe.

I was also pleased the President showed strong support for early childhood education. My guest to the President's State of the Union speech was Mary Beth Kropp. Mary Beth is the principal at Foulks Ranch Elementary School in Elk Grove, California. She's a dedicated educator and hero in the community. She was my daughter's principal, and I've personally witnessed her commitment to her students. But Mary Beth cannot do her job alone. Congress must do its part. We must invest in our children, make sure they're being taught real world skills and are ready to compete in the 21st century economy.

Most importantly, now is the time to set aside petty partisanship and begin working together to move America forward. At tonight's address, under my official congressional lapel pin, I wore an orange button identifying myself as a Problem Solver. No Labels' Problem Solvers are a group of forty of my colleagues from both parties working across the aisle to build trust and find common ground. We have real challenges. Working together as Americans we can meet these challenges."

Congressman Ami Bera represents Sacramento County in the 113th Congress. A lifelong Californian and first generation American, Bera is a medical doctor and the only Indian American currently serving in Congress. He and his wife Janine live in Elk Grove with their 15-year-old daughter Sydra.

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