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Foxx Statement on Sequestration


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx issued the following statement today on sequestration:

"The President is mistaken if he thinks taking more money away from the American people is required to ease the effects of his sequester or magically correct the debt crisis his policies have exacerbated.

"Despite receiving some of the highest tax revenues in history, Washington has been overspending by at least $1 trillion each year of the Obama Presidency. All told, national debt has increased $5.8 trillion to an historic high of $16.6 trillion on his watch.

"When families and small businesses run out of money and perpetually exhaust credit, they do the smart thing --stop spending so much.

"Washington has to do the same, but arbitrarily cutting budgets through sequestration isn't the best way to go about it.

"Twice since last summer House Republicans passed legislation that would preserve the same dollar savings while completely removing the indiscriminate threat of sequestration. Our plans targeted government waste, reformed unsustainable programs, and limited government growth.

"The President threatened to veto our proposals because they didn't include tax increases, and in fifteen months, his Party in the Senate passed zero sequester alternatives of their own.

"As the President's sequestration policy begins to take effect, I will continue to advocate for North Carolina common sense: replacing the arbitrary cuts by reforming the programs that drive our debt and eliminating Washington's wasteful spending."

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