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Balanced Budget


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Dear Friends,

In addition to No Budget, No Pay, the House passed the Require a PLAN Act which will force the President to tell us when his budget will balance. To date, no budget proposal submitted by his White House has ever balanced.

These two bills are simple steps in the direction of sanity in Washington. Families and businesses make plans to balance their budgets and pay down their debts, there is no reason politicians cannot do the same. As a new member of the House Budget Committee, I can tell you the House Republican budget plan will balance within 10 years.

Americans are demanding common sense from Washington. I have heard your concerns, and take them to heart. As long as I represent you, my priorities are going to be creating an environment for economic growth in the private sector, limiting government spending, and defending freedom.

Passing on freedom to the next generation requires seriousness on the part of our generation. We have to be honest about the mess we are in and how we are going to get out of it. It starts with having a plan.

Stay in touch and God bless,

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