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Pelosi: Republicans Show No Interest in Averting Economic Crisis


Location: Washington, DC

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after Senate Republicans blocked the Senate Democratic proposal to avert indiscriminate, across-the-board spending cuts, known as the "sequester," with a balanced solution. House Democrats, led by Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen, have put forward a similar proposal to cut spending, increase revenues, and create jobs; but Republicans have blocked consideration of this bill three times on the floor.

"Congressional Republicans have shown no interest in averting this latest manufactured crisis. Our country is only one day away from debilitating, across-the-board spending cuts that will harm our economy and undermine job creation. Yet Senate Republicans rejected a balanced plan to prevent these cuts and House Republicans won't even allow a vote on the fair, responsible Democratic proposal.

"Democrats are interested in solutions, not sequesters, and in both the House and Senate, we have put our solutions on the table. House Democrats put forward a bill -- similar to the Senate legislation -- that cuts spending responsibly, increases revenues, and creates growth with jobs. Meanwhile, House Republicans have failed to offer a single solution in this Congress. Now, middle class families will pay the price.

"There is no more time to waste. Sequestration means unemployment for workers, uncertainty for families and businesses, and instability for our economy. Republicans should bring the House back into session so we can do our jobs and work together to replace these unnecessary cuts, protect the middle class, put people to work, and reduce the deficit."

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