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Leader Cantor: Mr. President, That's not Compromise


Location: Unknown

"Good morning. As the Speaker said, the President's going to be in Newport News, Virginia today talking to families in the Commonwealth. I can tell you, I'm concerned about families in the Commonwealth. I'm concerned about their future and the uncertainty which looms because of the sequester.

"Now, the President has said he wants to compromise. But if you take a look at what's going on, there have been four years of spending increases and now the President says we can't have any progress on the sequester unless he gets a second tax hike in eight weeks. That's not compromise. Then he says the choice is letting criminals out of jails and onto the streets or give him a tax increase. That's not a compromise, that's a false choice.

"We have tried in the House to bring forward measures that actually accomplish reform and cut spending. We've even taken things that the President had in his very own budget to say, please join us, and he won't accept those proposals unless we raise taxes. Now it's time for the Senate to come together with us, sit down with the President and let's get this resolved for the American people."

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