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Congressman Cantor: Mr. President, It's Past Time For A Serious Solution


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) released the following statement regarding efforts by the House of Representatives to replace the President's sequester, which is scheduled to go into effect on March 1, 2013:

"The President continues to put forward a false choice on the sequester. Today, the President's Homeland Security Secretary insisted we will have to cut vital homeland security functions if we don't go along with another tax hike. This is clearly a false choice. There are smarter ways to cut Washington spending that will protect our national security and keep our economy growing. That is why I sponsored, and the House twice passed, legislation to replace the President's harmful sequester cuts with smarter, more responsible savings. Many of these ideas were drawn from some of the President's own proposals, which he now rejects unless they're coupled with more tax hikes.

"There are only 4 days before the automatic cuts go into place. It has been 291 days since the House first acted. The House stands ready to act again. Still, the President and Senate Democrats haven't budged and their only solution appears to raise taxes for the second time in eight weeks. It's time for real balance. Tax hikes won't help working families, create jobs or protect our troops.

"The Commonwealth will feel the impact of the sequester more than most states. Tomorrow, the President will be in Newport News, one of the areas that will be heavily impacted by the sequester. It's time for us to come together and set aside our differences. The President should stop campaigning and start finding smarter ways to tackle our spending problem. It's past time for the President to stop making excuses, call the Democratic Senate into action and finally work with us on a serious solution."

Congressman Cantor has led the effort to stop the President's sequester by sponsoring the Spending Reduction Act, which passed the House in December 2012. Additionally, the House passed the Sequestration Replacement and Reconciliation Act in May 2012.

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