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Barber Votes to Pass VAWA

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber today joined with a bipartisan majority in the House to reauthorize the Violence Against Woman Act, of which Barber is a cosponsor, sending it to the president for his signature.

Barber also urged his colleagues in the House to stay in Washington and work to resolve sweeping, across-the-board budget cuts that are scheduled to go into effect tomorrow. With Barber and many of his colleagues opposed, the House is in recess until late Monday. Barber's remarks on the house floor can by clicking here.

"The Violence Against Women Act is common-sense legislation that protects women by supporting shelters, victim advocates, rape-prevention education and other programs essential to the safety of women." Barber said today, "I was proud to cosponsor and vote for this legislation that will ensure the prosecution of sexual assault and domestic abuse, and assist victims of these crimes."

There was bipartisan support in the House for the bill, which passed 286-to-138. Supporting its passage were 87 Republicans and all 199 Democrats. It already has passed the Senate and now goes to the president, who has promised to sign it immediately.

Today the House adjourned, with members not to return to the Capitol until Monday evening. Barber was among a number of House members who voted yesterday to keep the House in session and address sequestration -- massive budget cuts that will take effect tomorrow.

"My constituents don't get up from their jobs, leave and go home when they are faced with difficult challenges," Barber said today. "We work for the American people and we shouldn't be walking away from important work left undone.

"All Americans will feel the impact as these serious cuts take effect and move through our economy, dampening the recovery that is underway," Barber added. "We owe it to the taxpayers -- our bosses -- to sit down together and work across the aisle to address this situation. We should not be cutting and running away."

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