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Weekly Radio Address: Avoiding Arbitrary Cuts


Location: Madison, WI

Today, Governor Scott Walker delivered the weekly radio address titled "Avoiding Arbitrary Cuts."

Transcript below:

Hi. I'm Scott Walker.

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with President Obama and Governors from all across the country in Washington D.C .

One of the most important topics raised during the National Governor's Association meeting was the effect of the federal government's sequestration on states. I asked President Obama to offer a more reasonable alternative to the arbitrary cuts contained in the current sequestration plan. So far, the President has resisted offering a reasonable alternative.

I will continue to put pressure on the President and politicians in D.C. to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in our federal government in a way that makes sense and avoids the type of arbitrary cuts contained in the current sequestration plan.

Just prior to meeting with Governors, the White House released to the press talking points about the effect sequestration would have on Wisconsin and other states. Unfortunately, we have not been given information regarding specific cuts and how they relate to each agency.

We'll continue to monitor the situation in hopes of receiving detailed information from our federal government on the effect sequestration will have on Wisconsin.

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