Weekly Radio Address: More Prosperity, Better Performance, and True Independence


By:  Scott Walker
Date: Feb. 21, 2013
Location: Madison, WI

Today, Governor Scott Walker delivered the weekly radio address titled "More Prosperity, Better Performance, and True Independence."

Transcript below:

Hi. I'm Scott Walker.

This week, I introduced the 2013-15 biennial state budget.

We focused on our five priorities, which are creating jobs, developing our workforce, transforming education, reforming government, and investing in infrastructure. Specifically I'm proud to announce a $343 million middle-class income tax cut. Under our budget plan, you, the hardworking middle-class taxpayers, will get to keep more of the money you earn.

While reducing income taxes, we also worked to control spending to ensure the promises we make today will be able to be fulfilled in the future. The budget I proposed contains a responsible, comprehensive entitlement reform package. These programs will provide a hand up, but not a permanent hand out.

Reforming entitlements, focusing on my five main priorities, and cutting income taxes are all aimed at providing Wisconsin citizens with more prosperity, better performance, and true independence.

Our budget puts in place reforms and performance measures to ensure that future generations have access to even more freedom and true independence for years to come.

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