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Weekly Radio Address: Dependence to Independence


Location: Madison, WI

Today, Governor Scott Walker delivered the weekly radio address titled "Dependence to Independence."

Transcript below:

Hi. I'm Scott Walker.

This week, I announced a plan to get Wisconsin back on track -- helping people move from government dependence to independence.

My budget includes work training incentives for food stamp eligibility and requires those on unemployment to apply for four jobs a week, instead of two.

We want to offer a hand up to those who need it, not a hand out.

My plan to reform the state's Medicaid program will reduce the number of uninsured Wisconsin residents by almost 225,000 people AND reduce the number of people dependent on government-run health care.

Under this plan, Wisconsinites in poverty will be covered by Medicaid. Low income residents living above poverty level will receive federal health insurance premium subsidies to purchase health insurance offered in the exchange.

This plan safeguards Wisconsin taxpayers from unnecessary risk and builds on Wisconsin's strong track record of providing affordable health care to our people, while protecting those who need help the most.

We have made tough decisions over the past two years to hold the line on state spending, because we know when we spend less, you can spend more. Frugality in government paves the way for a prosperous future for all Wisconsin residents.

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