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Vice Chair Jenkins Responds to the President's State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

"Tonight the president discussed his plans for his second term. And while I agree, our top priorities should be strengthening the economy, reducing our budget deficits, and increasing job opportunities for hardworking Americans, I disagree on how we get there.

"The hardworking American middle-class is what made this country great. An abundance of jobs allowed them to dream big, provide for their families, and save for their futures. But today, this American Dream seems just out of reach.

"Today, folks are struggling. There are still more than 12 million people unemployed. We see it all around us: the "going-out-of-business" signs...the college grads without jobs…the layoffs...

"The only way to fix it, is to get the economy churning again. That is how we protect the American dream for future generations - by creating the conditions for economic growth and job creation.

"You see, the government does have a role to play. But raising taxes, yet again, to pay for the latest big government program is not how you create economic growth. We've already done that, and your paycheck is less now, than it was 6 months ago. It's time we put our trust back in hardworking Americans.

"Most folks agree, we need to balance our budget, fix our tax code and protect Medicare and Social Security. We can do that, but we don't need any more campaign speeches. We need folks on both sides who can try to find some common ground. Republicans and Democrats must stop the rhetoric, get serious, and work together to benefit us all. That is progress, and that, is what your family deserves."

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