Huelskamp: America Looking for a Vision that Grows the Economy, not the Government


By:  Tim Huelskamp
Date: Feb. 13, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

The House Small Business Committee held its first hearing of the 113th Congress on Wednesday, the day after President Obama appeared before a joint session of Congress to offer his State of the Union address. Witnesses included Ms. Maria C. Coyne, Executive Vice President of Key Bank in Cleveland, Ohio and Mr. Sean Falk, Owner/President of WolFTeaM LLC/Nachogang LLC in Cedar Park, Texas, among others. Congressman Tim Huelskamp released the following statement and reflection after the hearing:

"While President Obama outlined his agenda to grow the government, America is looking for a real vision that grows the economy," Congressman Huelskamp said.
"Fortunately, we have entrepreneurs across the country who want to lead, grow their businesses, make money, and create jobs. Unfortunately, they are stifled at every turn by Washington -- where politicians and bureaucrats want to take control. Whether it is higher taxes, overregulation, or ObamaCare, America's small businesses are being sidelined by Big Government."

"Today's witnesses made it clear that burdensome regulations, uncertainty in taxes and federal spending, and policies that emphasize and enable more government are harmful to creating jobs. When I asked Mr. Falk about the impact of rules on his business, he said that he is stalling on opening new franchises because of what is happening in Washington. That's 50 new jobs that have not been created -- and it's simply wrong. Ms. Coyne, who is vice president of a bank, explained that their 15,000-employee bank has had to double in the last 3-5 years the number of folks working in compliance and risk management. Certainly hiring people solely to manage the red tape is not the type of job creation Americans want to see."

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