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Huelskamp Responds to President Obama's State of the Union


Location: Washington, DC

Kansas First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp attended President Obama's State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening. He issued the following reaction to the President's remarks:

"Empty rhetoric is no replacement for real leadership. Despite tremendous proof showing that Big Government does not work, President Obama doubled down on growing the influence of Washington in the day-to-day affairs of families, local schools, and state governments. And, even if it means abandoning the Constitution or acting above the law, President Obama made it very clear that he will take matters into his own hands and subvert the legislative authority of Congress."
Huelskamp continued:

"Where are the jobs, President Obama? Nearly 23 million Americans are out of work, underemployed, or have given up looking for work altogether. That means millions of households where the American Dream is dying or is dead. For so many families across the nation, the prospect that the next generation will be better off than the last seems like a distant hope. Even if folks are employed, many face stagnant wages and higher costs of living; many are dipping into their retirement savings -- or not even saving altogether. It's a recipe for sustained financial disaster."

"Why is your Administration waging a war against entrepreneurs? Only twice did you say 'small business,' despite the fact that it is the engine of economic growth. Our small businesses demand that Washington cut the red tape and cut taxes, yet your Administration's record is abysmal on those fronts. Freedom, growth, and opportunity will prevail when Washington gets out of the way."

"Where is the promised deficit reduction, President Obama? In 2009, you promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of your first term. Instead, you have a record of trillion-dollar deficits every single year of your presidency. Instead of paying down the deficits, let alone the debt, you have offered nothing but unbalanced and irresponsible budgets that ask the next generation to foot the bill for your lack of leadership. The 111th Congress tried your big-government stimulus; all that's left is another $1 trillion in debt."

"Why are you doubling down on your health care plan when there is overwhelming evidence that it is not going to deliver what you promised? Millions of Americans will lose their employer-based coverage, despite the assurances that they could keep their plan if they like it. CBO predicts more than a trillion dollars of unanticipated costs. And, most egregiously, this Administration is willing to eliminate the most precious of our freedoms -- religious liberty -- in order to advance their own narrow agenda. Forcing people of faith to pay for abortion drugs is a tremendous affront to more than 200 years of freedom of religion."

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