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Statement from Congressman Luke Messer on Obama Administration Gun Control Proposal


Location: Unknown

Today, Congressman Luke Messer gave the following statement:

"The Second Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms from being infringed. I will defend this constitutional bedrock against the unwarranted assaults the President announced today."

"The President's attempt to circumvent Congress to implement part of his gun grab should concern all Americans, regardless of whether they own a firearm. These proposals should be carefully considered by Congress and not rushed through by a President who is unwilling or not interested in working with the representatives of the people."

"Our entire nation mourns the terrible loss of life that occurred in Connecticut last month. In response, we need a serious discussion about how we treat mental health in our country. I am ready and willing to work together on real solutions like improving school security and determining how we best identify and treat the people who carry out such evil acts."

"But, gun bans are not the answer. History shows that gun bans keep guns away from law abiding citizens, not criminals."

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