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Stutzman: "President's Doomsday Scenarios Are of His Own Choosing"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman issued the following statement today, condemning Organizing for Action's misleading campaign and calling on President Obama to get serious about cutting spending wisely.

"This morning, the President's campaign machine, Organizing for Action, sent out an email telling the American people to brace themselves "for job layoffs, reduced access to early education, slower emergency response, slashed health care, and more people living on the street.' The President's doomsday scenarios are of his own choosing. The time for campaigning is over.

"The sequester will cut 2.3 percent, or $85 billion, from the massive $3.55 trillion the federal government is projected to spend this year alone. To put that percentage in perspective, we borrow that much money every 28 days. If the President can't cut that much, he'll never cut anything.

"Make no mistake, President Obama's sequester will hurt our national defense but as The Wall Street Journal points out today, the President can decide what programs to cut. The President's political team is threatening people with "living on the street' only because the President himself has decided that he'll take that course.

"The House has voted twice to replace the sequester with cuts to waste but the President has refused to budge from his fear campaign for higher taxes. It's time for the president to get serious about the nation's spending crisis."


·This week, Congressman Stutzman is highlighting various issues pertaining to President Obama's mishandling of the sequester he proposed and highlighting the House Republican solution to cut spending and keep our national defense strong.

·According to Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward, the idea for the sequester was born in the White House and first suggested by President Obama's Chief of Staff (then Director of Office of Management and Budget) Jack Lew.

·The sequester was included in the final version of the Budget Control Act of 2011 which passed despite Congressman Stutzman's opposition by a 269-161 vote and was signed by the President.

·House Republicans passed H.R. 5652, and Congressman Stutzman voted for, the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act, on May 10, 2012. The bill would replace the President's sequester with common-sense reforms that reduce spending.

·House Republicans passed H.R. 6684, and Congressman Stutzman voted for, the Spending Reduction Act, on December 20, 2012. The legislation adopts common-sense reforms that eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government spending programs.

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