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Congresswoman Duckworth Listens to Local Leaders Discuss Education Cuts at Harper College

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth met with representatives from local school districts to discuss the cuts that will take place under sequestration on March 1. "Today I heard from administrators throughout my district, many of whom are facings hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cuts because of reckless decisions made in Washington," said Duckworth. "These educators are concerned that Congress has chosen to put the burden of debt reduction on our children. The sequester will endanger special education programs and make a college education less accessible for low and middle income students. The pending cuts will force local governments to either allow class sizes to grow and tuition to skyrocket or to raise taxes on working families. It is wrongheaded to abandon investments in our future while continuing to allow waste at the Pentagon, fraud in Medicare and billions in tax breaks for special interests and large corporations. I look forward to going back to Washington and sharing the concerns of these leaders with my colleagues."

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