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Price Responds to Obama "False-Choice' Sequestration Campaign


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) responded to President Obama's "false-choice' media campaign on sequestration, that the White House proposed in August 2011, saying:

"The main hallmark of the Obama Administration has been their repeated insistence on raising taxes on the American people. Instead of advancing pro-growth economic policies to get America moving again, the White House favors tax hikes, tax hikes, and more tax hikes. Real spending reductions are exactly what the overwhelming majority of the American people demand. Sadly, President Obama is once again investing his time and energy on a political campaign to increase taxes on the American people instead of working toward positive solutions to budget, prioritize, and rein in spending.

"If sequestration takes place and cuts are made to national security, food safety programs or unemployment benefits, it is solely because President Obama wants this to happen. House Republicans have voted twice to improve sequestration with targeted spending cuts resulting in the same amount of savings. The Democrat majority in Washington, including the president, has provided no specific alternatives. Rather than working cooperatively with Republicans, the president and Washington Democrats are focused on stoking fear among the American people -- exploiting our military and other vital services -- to promote an agenda of tax hikes to chase ever higher spending.

"Sequestration is imperfect due to its across-the-board cuts and its disproportional impact on national security programs. But in an era of trillion dollar deficits and long-term economic uncertainty, responsibly reducing spending is absolutely necessary. President Obama ought to stop putting false choices before the American people, when they are demanding meaningful and lasting reductions in the level of spending, so that we can get our economy rolling and more jobs created."

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