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Ribble Bill Tackles Waste, Substitutes Flexibility For Across-the-Board Sequester Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Reid Ribble (WI-08) today introduced the Sequestration Flexibility Act, H.R. 816, which will provide department or agency heads greater flexibility to transfer funds from the spending accounts they control. Each agency will still be required to meet the automatic spending reduction levels under the sequestration order and the Budget Control Act of 2011, but agency and department heads will have wider discretion in reaching their new funding levels under the law.

"While sequestration is far from ideal, it's also inevitable, and I want to make sure that the cuts are done in the most responsible and thoughtful way possible," said Ribble "Hyperbole about the devastating effects of the sequester won't change the fact that it is the law of the land, and since both parties can't agree on a complete substitute we need to ensure that it is implemented effectively.

"Enacting the across-the-board cuts under the current sequester will do little to target the waste in each department or agency. Instead of blind actions, my legislation will give the people in charge at each agency and department the accountability to determine where the cuts are made. This measure will help spare the programs that are beneficial, while allowing managers to trim the areas that are less essential. We are never going to trim the fat with an across-the-board cut. Pinpointing areas of waste is where our attention is needed and this bill will help that effort."

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