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Larsen Report Shows Deep Impact of Scheduled Automatic Spending Cuts in Northwest Washington


Location: Washington, DC

A staff report from the office of Rep. Rick Larsen released today details the severe consequences in Northwest Washington if automatic federal spending kick in on March 1. Larsen directed his staff to compile the report to illustrate the direct consequences of automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, on local communities. The report is available here.

"These automatic spending cuts are not just a Washington, DC budget gimmick. These indiscriminate cuts will have real and immediate impacts on families and workers in Northwest Washington," Larsen said. "The sequester must be replaced with a balanced plan that cuts the deficit while preserving vital investments that create jobs and expand the economy."

The automatic spending cuts totaling $85 billion this year will take effect unless Congress replaces the sequester with an alternate plan that cuts the deficit by the same or greater amount.

"Thousands of families across Northwest Washington will feel the immediate impacts of Congress's inability to do its job if these cuts are allowed to move forward. I am committed to finding a better plan that cuts the deficit and invests in the foundation of long-term economic growth that creates jobs and opportunity in the Pacific Northwest."

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