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Issue Position: Financial Services

Issue Position

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Financial Services are critical to the vitality of our economy. Our businesses and entrepreneurs require access to capital, stable financial markets, and regulatory clarity in order to grow and create jobs.

Unfortunately, federal bailouts and burdensome regulations have created a climate of uncertainty and the volatility of our financial system is a direct consequence of these misguided policies. The Dodd-Frank Act created massive new government bureaucracies that give too much authority to federal regulators. Dodd-Frank should be repealed so we can rein in federal bureaucrats and regulations that pose a threat to our economic recovery.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis the American people are understandably outraged by the culture of bailouts. It is long past time for there to be an increased level of transparency at the Federal Reserve. I support a full audit of the Federal Reserve system to determine the appropriate disclosure and oversight measures that need to be put in place.

By maintaining stable financial markets that allow startup companies, students, individuals, and small business to get loans, we will lay the groundwork for future economic success. The first step is to get the federal government out of the way. In Congress, I will always work to ensure the federal government does not interfere in areas it doesn't need to.

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