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Issue Position: Federal Spending and Borrowing

Issue Position

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The growth of government spending is out of control; in the past four years our nation has added about $6 trillion in new debt borrowed against our children and grandchildrens' future. Unfortunately, both parties have been complicict in increasing government spending dramatically, though for very different reasons. Today our nation faces $16 trillion in debt, much of it owed to foreign countries hostile to our economic interests and way of life. While some believe that these challenges can simply be put off to a later date, I believe that the time to act against higher borrowing is now.

I believe that part of the solution to our debt problem is to scale back the federal government and return to the private sector any federal job that could be done more efficiently by a business. There are any number of tasks performed by the federal government which could be provided at both lower cost and higher efficency by a privately-operated business with real concerns about keeping costs down.

A second common-sense step is to limit the duplicitive duties of many federal agencies, which often conflict and can be counterproductuve. For example, in Siskiyou County, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Environmental Protection Agency all believe that they have a role in the regulation of water supply and use. These agencies provide conflicting direction, fight amongst themselves and generally fail to provide the area's farmers and ranchers with any clear path to profitiable operation. Add in the regulalar disputes these agencies have with similar entities in California's state government and there are a wide array of government workers doing essentially the same job - an incredibly expensive and counterproductive way to operate.

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