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Womack Response to POTUS's Sequestration Remarks


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Womack today released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama's sequestration remarks:

"President Obama proposed the devastating, across-the-board spending cuts -- known as the "sequester" -- that disproportionately affect our service men and women by putting fifty percent of the $1.2 trillion cut on their backs. Today, he called on Congress to find a solution to the mess he created. The reality is House Republicans have already passed two bills to replace the sequester with responsible cuts and substantive reforms. But these bills have gone ignored.

"By insisting we tax our way out of this mess rather than accept our spending addiction, the President and Senate Democrats are threatening the security of our nation, and any proposal that replaces real spending cuts with more taxes will not and should not be approved. The President already got additional revenues at the beginning of the year. It is now time to deliver on the spending cuts we desperately need."

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