Griffin Named to Human Resources and Social Security Subcommittees

Press Release

By:  Tim Griffin
Date: Feb. 15, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02) issued the following statement after being named to the Human Resources and the Social Security subcommittees of the Ways and Means Committee:

"I am excited to join both the Human Resources and the Social Security subcommittees at a pivotal time for Arkansas families and America's finances. With Social Security scheduled to go bankrupt in just a couple of decades, I look forward to playing an active role in saving this important program for future retirees. I am also honored to serve on the Committee's new tax reform working groups, including the one on Energy. These working groups will play a critical part in the Committee's tax reform efforts."

The Subcommittee on Human Resources handles legislation related to the public assistance provisions of the Social Security Act, including temporary assistance for needy families, child care, child and family services, child support, foster care, adoption, supplemental security income, social services, eligibility of welfare recipients for food stamps, and low-income energy assistance. It also is responsible for bills relating to the Federal-State system of unemployment compensation.

The Subcommittee on Social Security considers bills and matters that relate to the Federal Old Age, Survivors' and Disability Insurance System, the Railroad Retirement System, and employment taxes and trust fund operations relating to those systems. Without reform, Social Security is scheduled to go bankrupt in 2033.

In addition to serving on the Human Resources and Social Security subcommittees, Griffin will serve on the Committee's Energy Tax Reform Working Group. Members are free to join any of the working groups in addition to their assigned group. Each group is tasked with compiling feedback related to various aspects of tax reform. Once the work of those groups has been completed, the Joint Committee on Taxation will prepare a report for the full Committee by April 15, 2013, that describes current law in each issue area and summarizes the other information gathered by the Committee Members.

The 11 working groups include: Charitable/Exempt Organizations, Debt, Equity and Capital, Education and Family Benefits, Energy, Financial Services, Income and Tax Distribution, International, Manufacturing, Pensions/Retirement, Real Estate, and Small Business/Pass Throughs.

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