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Rep. Brooks, Chairman Strong, Legislative Director Ceci Meet on Sequestration

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Yesterday evening Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL), Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong, and Madison County Commission Legislative Director Joey Ceci met in Congressman Mo Brooks' Washington office to discuss the politics concerning, and damaging effects of, sequestration.

Congressman Brooks said, "I very much appreciate Chairman Strong and Legislative Director Ceci coming to Washington to meet with me and my staff about sequestration. This is one of many discussions I have had with Chairman Strong and other Tennessee Valley citizens and leaders about the threat of sequestration since I cast my first vote against sequestration more than 18 months ago. There is a right way and a wrong way to cut spending, and hollowing out America's Armed Forces during an era of terrorism and international instability is the wrong way. Redstone Arsenal Commands are critical to America's national security and the economies of the nation and Tennessee Valley. Alabama's Congressmen and Senators are working together to minimize or eliminate sequestration's impact on Alabama and our country, and I appreciate the insight and support of Chairman Strong, Legislative Director Ceci, and many others in Alabama."

Brooks continued, "The American public was informed back in August 2011 about the overall risk of sequestration to America's national defense and economy. Since then, the Pentagon has laid out in increasing detail the specific consequences of sequestration for Redstone Arsenal and other military installations across the country. I've extended invitations to Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks, Decatur Mayor Don Kyle, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, and Madison Mayor Troy Trulock to meet with me and my staff as our mutual schedules permit. The meetings can be in their cities, at one of my Tennessee Valley offices, or in Washington when Congress is in session. The meetings can be public or private, and with such other municipal and county elected officials and members of the public as they desire. I look forward to working with them as we seek to eliminate or minimize the impact of sequestration on North Alabama."

Chairman Strong said, "Alabama has the right team in Washington, and Congressman Brooks has led the fight against stopping sequestration. No one in D.C. knows better the importance of North Alabama to our national security, and he has warned against the dangers of the Budget Control Act from the very beginning. I've offered my support to Congressman Brooks in his efforts to reduce the damaging effects of sequestration on the warfighter and our national security. North Alabama is united in facing this threat, and I appreciate Congressman Brooks' leadership as we fight to preserve our national defense."

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