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Jackson Lee Opposes Partisan House GOP VAWA Substitute that Weakens the Strong, Bipartisan Senate-Passed VAWA Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Jackson Lee stated that she opposes the House GOP Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Reauthorization substitute, introduced by the GOP Leadership on February 22 and which is scheduled to be considered by the House on Wednesday and Thursday. The GOP Leadership introduced the substitute as an alternative to S. 47, the strong, bipartisan Senate-passed VAWA bill. On February 12, the Senate passed S. 47 by a bipartisan vote of 78 to 22 -- with the support of all Democrats, all female Senators and a majority of Senate Republicans.

"The House GOP Leadership just doesn't get it," Rep. Jackson Lee said. "They don't seem to understand the importance of all victims of domestic violence receiving critical protections. The House GOP substitute strips the bipartisan Senate bill's protections for the LGBT community and drastically reduces protections for Native American women. It also eliminates key provisions in the Senate bill that make college campuses safer. This substitute is not a compromise. It is an unfortunate effort to exclude specific groups of women from receiving basic protections under the law. Why does the House GOP Leadership oppose protections embraced by a majority of Senate Republicans?"

"I call upon the House GOP Leadership to drop their substitute and instead bring the bipartisan Senate-passed VAWA bill to the House floor," Rep. Jackson Lee added. "I am confident it would pass. This bipartisan VAWA bill would then go straight to the President's desk for his signature. America's women should not have to wait any longer. House Republicans allowed VAWA to expire more than 500 days ago."

In January, House Democrats introduced H.R 11, a strong VAWA Reauthorization bill that is the companion to S. 47, the bipartisan Senate bill, and Rep. Jackson Lee is a cosponsor of that bill. H.R. 11 currently has 201 Democratic cosponsors.

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