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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Jobs and the Economy

People in Sacramento County continue to feel the effects of the economic crisis. Our region is slowly regaining jobs, but the work is far from over. To fully regain our economic foothold, we must attract more high-tech jobs to the region, improve our infrastructure, and maintain high-quality schools to educate the next generation of innovators.

Attracting New Jobs:

Sacramento County can be a leader in emerging economic markets as a potential hub for green technology and healthcare jobs. As a physician, I know the importance of encouraging research and development in the growing medical sector. By streamlining and modernizing medical services and reemphasizing patient care, Sacramento County can emerge as a leader in innovative and efficient medical practices. Already in the past year, the region added almost 3,000 healthcare jobs.

The Sacramento region is uniquely suited to capitalize on the growing green technology industry and is consistently rated as a national leader in the green job sector. As a member of the New Democrat Coalition, I support incentivizing clean energy initiatives and encouraging private investment in clean energy programs.

Investing in Infrastructure:

The infrastructure in Sacramento is in dire need of improvement. The levees in Sacramento County have been designated "unacceptable" by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The roads and bridges we rely on every day are crumbling. Our energy grid is outdated and wasteful. This negligence endangers residents, discourages new businesses, and ultimately slows down our economy.

Reinvesting in our infrastructure is critical to the economic growth of Sacramento County. By partnering with private industry, we can create new jobs and improve efficiency. I support modernizing our energy grid, rebuilding roads and bridges, and strengthening our levees.

Educating Future Generations

California is home to some of the best schools in the world. The University of California system is a model of academic excellence. In classrooms across the state, students are learning the skills necessary to thrive in a modern economy and innovative teachers are discovering new ways to teach the next generation.

As an educator and a parent, I recognize the importance of investing in future generations. Our public schools are underfunded and overcrowded. California is ranked 47th in the nation in for per-pupil spending. More must be done to secure a quality education for every child.

In order for our nation to remain competitive, we must do more for our students. We should reward innovative and effective teaching, strengthen resources for parents, and ensure that every child has the tools necessary to succeed in the modern economy.

For more information concerning my work and views on the issues of Jobs and the Economy, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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