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Governor Markell: Sequestration Cuts Would Hurt Delaware

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The Governor issued the following statement following his meeting with President Obama at the White House today. Governor Markell was one of several Governors meeting with the President, after the conclusion of the Winter meeting of the National Governors Association which took place this weekend in Washington, D.C.

"We had a productive discussion with the President about the serious impact the sequester will have on our constituents, including in the areas of education, workforce development and public safety among others. In addition, governors are particularly concerned about the impact on the economy and on jobs in our states. The combination of cuts and the uncertainty that the current situation creates for businesses is troubling. Employers are holding back investments that could put people to work. Governors are problem solvers. We want to see these issues addressed in Washington in a way that creates certainty for employers and does not just shift costs to state governments."

The Governor is concerned about the significant negative impact of sequestration. He has, with other Governors, called for Congress to work to enact balanced deficit reduction to avoid sequestration. The Governor led an NGA executive committee which met with the President and congressional leadership in December, emphasizing four key points in developing a balanced deficit reduction plan.


1. Federal reforms should be designed to produce savings for both the federal government and states.


2. Deficit reduction should not be accomplished by shifting costs to states or imposing unfunded mandates.


3. In an effort to create efficiencies and achieve results, states should be given the ability to adjust to best meet the needs of their constituency.

4. Congress should not impose maintenance of effort provisions on states as a condition of funding.

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