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Excerpt of Interview with Mark Levin - Rubio Discusses GOP Response And Middle Class Opportunity Agenda


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Full interview available here:

Senator Marco Rubio: "We have to recognize that our conservative principles have to be applied to the challenges of the 21st century, not just the challenges of the 20th. And the 21st century is different - I mean the challenges we face are different. I outlined some of that tonight. Unfortunately, you know, we've got some real problems in our society that need to be dealt with and some of those don't have government answers.

"But for example, our students. Our higher education students aren't just 18 year old high school graduates anymore. It's a returning veteran and it's 36 year old single mom who regrets not going to school when she was younger, but now wants to go back to school. Conservatism has answers for them. And primarily, the best answer we have is a vibrant private economy where they are going to be able to find a job. Not one that pays them nine dollars an hour, which is what the president is talking about. One that pays them 29 dollars an hour, or 39 dollars an hour. And there are things conservatism can do to make that possible. It isn't about -- you know it's easier to say, "We are going to give you a government program. Or, we are going to pass a new law that forces people to pay you more.' But that stuff, it may sound good at the beginning but it's never worked.

"What works is a vibrant, private economy, where people have the confidence to risk the money they've made instead of leaving it in the bank. They start a business, the business grows, they hire more people who in turn spend the money they make in the economy, creating jobs for others. That is what works. It takes a little longer to explain, but when you do, it connects with people. We have to do more of that."

Mark Levin: "Well, I want to congratulate you because I went right on my social sites, I watched, and I was spellbound listening to this saying, "Finally, someone is laying out our positions in an effective way, and exposing Obama's positions because certainly Obama's not going to expose his own record.'"

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