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Pelosi: Time is Running Short -- We Need a Balanced Approach to Create Jobs, Reduce the Deficit


Location: Washington, DC

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after President Obama discussed the impact of across-the-board spending cuts on firefighters, first responders, communities, and the economy, and reiterated his call to replace the so-called "sequester" with a balanced approach to deficit reduction and job creation:

"President Obama and Democrats agree: America cannot afford more Republican obstruction and delay. The stakes are too high and time is running too short. Republican inaction will simply leave the indiscriminate, across-the-board spending cuts in place -- threatening jobs, undermining public safety and first responders, injecting uncertainty into our markets, and harming our economy.

"Unlike our Republican colleagues, Democrats are interested in solutions, not sequesters. Even as Republicans left town for a nine-day break, Democrats put our plan on the table -- a balanced approach built on responsible spending cuts, increased revenues, and growth with jobs. The House should be in session this week to consider this proposal.

"The last thing we should do is nothing. The clock is ticking and the deadline is fast approaching. Republicans must work with Democrats to replace the sequester with steps to strengthen the middle class, create jobs, expand our economy, and responsibly bring down the deficit."

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