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Hatch on Finance Committee Hearing of Jacob Lew to Serve as Treasury Secretary


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, issued the following statement on the Committee's consideration of Jacob Lew's nomination to serve as Treasury Secretary next Wednesday, February 13th:

"Next week the Finance Committee will consider Mr. Lew's nomination to serve as Treasury Secretary. This will provide the Republican and Democratic members of the Committee, the Senate as a whole, and the American people an opportunity to understand who Mr. Lew is, and how he would serve in this most critical cabinet post. We need a better understanding of his role at Citigroup, what his knowledge is of financial markets, whether he supports reforming our tax code, whether he believes in a robust trade policy and what kind of plan the Obama Administration has to confront our skyrocketing debt and our broken entitlement programs. As we move forward, I'm hopeful that Mr. Lew will answer some remaining questions that I have. I will not decide whether or not to support his nomination until those questions are answered. Lest no one forget, Treasury Secretary is no small position and the people of this country need to know Mr. Lew is qualified and able to perform the job given the economic challenges we face."

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