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Every Problem Doesn't Have a Federal Solution


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There may be no quick or easy fixes to high-profile acts of violence, according to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., who says that any proposals aimed at protecting our citizens must still protect our Constitutional rights. Enzi issued this statement following President Obama's announcement of proposed action to restrict gun rights:

"Every problem is not a federal problem. Not every problem has a federal solution. We're a diverse country," Enzi said. "In my part of the country, Wyoming, guns are part of our way of life. They are a part of growing up and a responsible rite of passage. Guns are used for hunting. They are used for defense and to prevent further violence. Guns are also for recreational activities that are wide-ranging and varied. Federal gun rights restrictions are not guaranteed to stop violence, but we know they would create a host of other problems, Constitutional problems. I'm especially concerned about any executive gun control actions.

"Wyoming has lots of guns. Almost everyone uses them responsibly. People owning guns and shooting guns is not the problem. The problem is violence and its cause. We need to continue to seek solutions, but we shouldn't let fear drive us down the road of giving up more and more of our most important and basic freedoms."

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