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Issue Position: My Contract with the Lowcountry

Issue Position

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Don't get dismayed at the state our country is in today. We can turn it around if we send fresh, new voices to stand up for our values and against the career politicians and special interests. We can chart a new conservative course. To do that, I offer the following contract with the Lowcountry.

I, Peter Michael McCoy Jr., pledge to people of the Lowcountry that, as your Congressman, I will work tirelessly to:

1. End Wasteful Spending & Lower Our Taxes
Career politicians' addiction to spending is drowning our children in a massive pool of debt. Washington does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. As a Club for Growth Taxpayer Hero, I do not compromise principles for politics.

As your Congressman, I will support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and vote against any increase to the nation's debt ceiling. I will oppose all tax increases on our working families and job creators. And I will advocate for a tax code that is simpler, fairer, and smaller.
2. Reduce Regulations Killing Job Growth
Career politicians have increased regulations and government red-tape to the point that there are now over 24 million Americans unemployed. As the Lowcountry's strongest free enterprise Representative by the South Carolina Business and Industry Political Education Committee, I am the only candidate for Congress who earned a 100% pro-jobs legislative scorecard from the Chamber of Commerce last year.

As your Congressman, I will fight burdensome paperwork and regulations that harm job growth. I will work to fully repeal Obamacare and defend companies like Boeing who are willing to invest in South Carolina.
3. Send Career Politicians Home
From Obamacare to job-killing higher taxes to debt as far as the eye can see - lifelong politicians have put their next election over our next generation. taken the train off of the track. We must send them home and create a Congress that works for the people not lives above us.

As your Congressman, I will support reform measures - like the End Pensions in Congress Act - that make serving in Congress an honor not a career and that ensure Congressmen do their jobs then go back home.
4. Defend Our Gun Rights
Obama's latest assaults on our Constitution severely threaten our gun rights. As a firearms owner, lifelong hunter, boater and active fisherman - I believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment and our outdoor heritage. And as a proven conservative, I received the NRA's endorsement in my House election.

As your Congressman, I will never stop defending our Second Amendment rights. And I will fight government regulations against recreational and commercial fishermen.
5. Support Our Troops & Honor Our Veterans
Our nation's soldiers and veterans deserve eternal respect. Their sacrifices must be matched with a true willingness by our nation to adequately equip our troops and care for our veterans.

As your Congressman, I will ensure the promises made to our veterans are kept. And I will work to provide our troops with the support they need in their service to our country, while weeding out the fraud, waste, and abuse in the Defense budget.

6. Improve Education
Career politicians think they are smarter than parents and know our children better than we do; I completely disagree. Fighting off big-government special interests - I have worked hard to support and improve charter schools, give parents choices, and direct more funding away from bureaucrats and into classrooms.

As your Congressman, I will support reforms to put power in the hands of parents and local education leaders not bureaucrats and unions.

7. Protect the Sanctity of Life
As a father of a daughter who has faced tough medical challenges over the last year, I know that life is precious. I received the endorsement of the SC Citizens for Life LIFEPAC in my State House election.

As your Congressman, I will utilize my law degree from Regent University to defend, protect, and preserve all innocent life; and I will work to prohibit our tax-dollars from funding abortion and euthanasia.

8. Preserve Social Security & Medicare
Obama and career politicians have raided Social Security and Medicare to feed their addiction to spending. Obamacare cut $716 billion to Medicare and the disastrous debt ceiling deal accounted for another $1.2 trillion.

As your Congressman, I will honor the commitments made to our seniors and those nearing retirement. And I will work to ensure these programs are around when our children and grandchildren retire.

9. Maintain Our Waterways & Port Jobs
While career politicians continue to fund Planned Parenthood and study pig poop, they mortgage our future by failing to invest in much needed waterways projects that create millions American jobs and trillions in trade. Infrastructure projects increase commerce, an expressed function of Congressional power under the Constitution.

As your Congressman, I will continue to be a strong advocate for our ports. I will continue fighting for our greatest resource - South Carolina's hard-working people. And I will work to end wasteful government spending so we can move our waterborne transportation system and its 13.3 million American jobs forward.

10. Stop Illegal Immigration
America is a nation of immigrants and laws. If we allow those coming here to disrespect our laws, we lose one of our nation's fundamental principles. As a criminal prosecutor in Solicitor Scarlett Wilson's office, I helped put violent criminals away.

As your Congressman, I will support the enforcement of our immigration laws, the funding to secure our borders, and an end to birthright citizenship.

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