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Lummis Comments on Administration's Appointment for Interior Secretary


Location: Washington, DC

Wednesday President Obama announced his nomination for Interior Secretary, REI CEO Sally Jewell. Following the announcement US Representative Cynthia Lummis issued the following statement:

"I'm willing, for the moment, to reserve judgment on the selection of Sally Jewell to serve as Secretary of the Interior. She is an accomplished woman who runs a very successful business. Business acumen could go a long way at an agency that has been more interested in shutting down sources of revenue on public lands than in actively pursuing them. To be a successful leader in Wyoming and the West, Mrs. Jewell must commit to the balanced, multiple use of public lands, which runs counter to recent Obama Administration proclivities toward preservation rather than responsible shared use. While REI is a successful company that caters to a particular niche, let's remember that the Department of the Interior must manage land and resources for a much broader constituency than just those who purchased a new wicking fleece for a day hike. I sincerely hope Sally Jewell is up to the task."

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