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Rep. McKinley Re-Introduces Bipartisan Resolution Opposing Carbon Tax on American Businesses and Families


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. David B. McKinley (R-WV), backed by a group of bipartisan House Members, introduced a resolution (H. Con. Res. 8) opposing any federal carbon tax on fuels for electricity and transportation. A carbon tax would hit the pocketbooks of middle income families and eventually increase unemployment.

"A carbon tax would increase the cost of everything from driving a car to heating and cooling a home," said Rep. McKinley. "It would be especially burdensome on middle class American and prevent our economy from recovering. Raising taxes on everyone from manufacturers to homeowners is not the way to improve our economy and Congress should reject this idea."

"Given our current economic climate, this is the worst time to implement another tax on coal, oil and gas--industries that fuel our economy," said Rep. McKinley. "Affordable and abundant electricity from coal and natural gas is essential to our way of living and a carbon tax would increase the cost of electricity, putting a financial burden on American families."

"With 23 million Americans looking for work and an unemployment rate exceeding 7.8 percent for the last four years, America can't impose a carbon tax that will drive the unemployment rate even higher," said Rep. McKinley.

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